The Road to CEDIA Expo 2019, Part 3 (Kuna to Denver)

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Part 3 covers a long day of driving across pretty basic, stark territory (I decided to soften it from “bleak”) and then rolling into Denver the next morning.

Wyoming. The last time I saw anything like this was a trip decades ago between Reno and Nevada, but that was a lot more exciting since there were actually mountains, tumbleweeds and a few scruffy cacti here and there. Southern Wyoming is high desert with rolling plains. To its credit the freeways are REALLY smooth. They also have SMART LED speed limit signs that change based on something. Probably weather. Other than the occasional road construction which slowed us to 55, the average speed on the LED signs read 75. 80 was also common. Those are the main attractions.

Spent the night in Rawlins, which sports a good Thai restaurant with an ambitious owner (stores in Rawlins, Laramie and Cheyenne). Found an RV park, didn’t bother to detach the trailer to level it. We were asleep in 15 minutes. Woke up wide awake and it was 5am, mid-30s Fahrenheit outside.After an hour or two the freeway bent to South and we were on the final stretch. The most exciting thing about the final 4 hrs to Denver was stopping to diesel-up and add DEF (diesel exhaust fluid), and experiencing doing that from the pump cluster rather than the usual blue 2 gallon jug snagged at NAPA. We started feeling like one with the truckers.

Denver greeted us with 80 deg F and sunny. As a final note, we made a wrong turn looking for the RV park and had to back the long bed Dodge RAM towing the 32 ft. fifth wheel trailer about a half mile out of a narrow dead end road that Google advised us to turn on. Fun.

It’s now Monday afternoon and I am finishing up these first blog posts to make sure the system is set up and working, and to blow off a bit of steam. I am relieved that we made it on time and intact since the booth and a bunch of Rasperry Pis and large screen monitors and cabling and other items essential to the show are packed in the trailer. I was slightly anxious about getting stuck somewhere a few hundred miles out and having to hitch a ride to get the gear to the show!

OK then. The fun starts tomorrow, with me going to a Tech Council, Skyler (Gorge Logic technician) taking a bunch of classes, and Mary Beth starting to put together the booth and demos. Then more classes and final setup Wednesday, the keynote speaker and booth training.

See to take a look at our sister company, started by Mary Beth. When we get back home to White Salmon MB and Skyler can get back to building up the CI service business, after spending the last couple of months helping CIWare Labs get ready for the show!

Thanks for reading, and we’ll see you at the show, in Innovation Alley, Booth 3457!

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