The Road to CEDIA Expo 2019 Part 2 (Kuna, ID)

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We had planned the stopover at my sister Stephanie’s place near Boise to celebrate the imminent public debut of CIWare Labs, with all the hoopla, announcements, exhibition booth and demonstrations of Inprem Studio that will entail in just a few days.

In addition to her house being conveniently located along the route from the Columbia Gorge to Denver, it was special in that Stephanie and her husband Paul were our first outside investors. We wouldn’t be here at CEDIA in any significant way this week without her steadfast support of her brother, and in her sister-in-law whom she knows will keep us on our toes. Mary Beth is our COO and effectively is in charge of the CIWare Labs CEDIA initiative.

Saturday the 6th we took a few afternoon hours to repair my damaged bike, and that experience was notably great due to the skilled efforts and considerable parts inventory of Meridian Cycles ( ). These awesome folks, with big smiles and great sense of humor, didn’t stop until my bike looked all shiny and new!

Then, about that bike rack situation…. I think I forgot to mention earlier that the first bike rack bent over (vibration?) and had started drooping under the load. Maybe a contributing factor to the bike debacle. In any event I was done with that setup. Paul my bro-in-law surprised us with a high-end Thule bike rack surprise, rescued from his barn that hadn’t been used in 20 years. After installing that rack and fixing my bike, our setup looked as sweet as if we were RV biking veterans (this is actually our first long trip we have taken in the rig).

As the day wound down (food being a recurring theme when visiting my sister) we porked out on baby back ribs smoked on the Trager for 6 hours with lots of my sister’s special BBQ sauce, and collapsed in anticipation of 12+ hour drive on Sunday, to get through Utah and Wyoming.

Only 1 more Part to this road trip to CEDIA. I didn’t want to dive straght into tech and markets TOO quick as I start figuring out the best way to blog.

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Announces flagship product:  Inprem Studio Denver, CO and Bingen, WA, USA – September 12, 2019 – (CEDIA Expo Booth 3457) CIWare Labs

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