Software Vendors (ISVs)

ISVs are companies that create, market and sell software products. The rapidly expanding IoT ecology provides an abundance of opportunities for ambitious ISV’s. We just might have a piece of the puzzle you are looking for.

For example, if you already have a software control system, it could be beneficial to partner with CIWare Labs to ensure that our respective products work together. If you have a standalone web app, we could provide an efficient way to add sitewide device management and a control system that better integrates your functionality with other IoT software and devices.

If you are looking to add control features to an existing product/line, you can become an OEM ISV partner and reduce time to market by embedding some or all of our features in your software.

The following are a few of the many scenarios in which ISV’s can leverage Inprem Studio:

Broaden your product / product line by adding a core control system component to a more specialized product, e.g. to create a larger tool suite that covers more ground.

Create a specialized configurator, with embedded control system, by replacing the standard Studio DevTime UI with a completely different UI that is tuned for integrators who buy and install products within that market arena.

Take advantage of Studio's broad and deep support of the Global Caché (www.globalcache) product line, both for DevTime and RunTime scenarios.

Use Inprem as a "software hub" to access desirable protocols and devices that your control system doesn't yet support.

We are keen to partner with ISVs. Our product is designed for easy interoperability, while providing key enabling tools that cover important workflows in the processes of custom integration. We don’t have all the answers, so let’s partner and share in the benefits.

This is the promise of open systems.

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