The Road to CEDIA Expo 2019 , Part 1 (White Salmon, WA to Kuna, ID)

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This is my first public blog post, ever. I’ve wanted to write a blog for years, and I almost got to the point of writing one about the notion of “perfect songs”. I have a concept. But it seems more timely, and more relevant, to instead create a blog to communicate on subjects associated with our new business, CIWare Labs, which is having its public debut at CEDIA Expo 2019, this Thursday Sept 12, 2019.

First, how did we get here? The short version of course, as in the trip. Well, it was not TOO eventful. But my mountain bike did fall off of the rack on the back of our 5th wheel trailer, about 100 miles down the freeway from our start in White Salmon where we live. The rear wheel/tire dragged for awhile until a truck driver pulled up alongside and gave me a thumbs down. I wasn’t sure what he meant… but we pulled over to check the rig, thus finding the unhappy Specialized 29’er. Fortunately, other than the destroyed wheel, the bike looked intact. We tightened up Mary Beth’s mountain bike on the rack and tossed my bike into the back of the pickup.

We made it another 100 miles before another truck driver pointed backwards at the trailer while looking kind of sad. Another stop on the freeway shoulder. Sure enough, Mary Beth’s bike had taken its turn at falling off the rack. Hers was hanging by the bungies and hadn’t hit the road so that was nice. Took the bike apart and put it in the pickup alongside my bike. Both incidents were a result of the rack mounting bars coming apart in the middle. Wouldn’t have thought of that happening on a mission critical part – twice, especially. We have used those Yakima bars for at least 10 years. Have now officially stopped using them.

Anyway, we made it to my sister’s place in Kuna, Idaho with no more incidents. The short stay with Stephanie and Paul will be Part 2 of the Road Trip.

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