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Inprem Studio Licensing

Inprem Studio v1 will be available in February 2020. We are planning a limited beta release [end of Nov proposed] to Partner level CIs, manufacturers and ISVs.

Inprem Studio, Inprem RunTime, and Inprem OEM.
Pricing for Studio and RunTime is still being formulated. See the licensing models below, and let us know what you think on pricing.

Inprem Studio is our comprehensive set of integration and software development tools, including Server. It has full access to the capabilities required to build customized instances of Server for end customers, obtain deployment licenses on their behalf, and deploy the fully configured instances to an installable image.

Studio is purchased as a perpetual license. Phone support and product updates are included for the first 12 months. After 12 months, support and updates are optional, and can be purchased for 50% of the standard package price.

Inprem RunTime is intended for deployment to end user customers, by custom integrators who use Inprem Studio on their customers’ behalf. It does not support integration and development capability. It contains all the RunTime features. It DOES have ability to be updated by the CI that generated the installable image.

RunTime licenses are purchased at wholesale, 50% of MSRP, by the CI, and include 1 year of upgrades. Support is provided by the CI. Upgrades for RunTime are priced according to the value add of the new release.

OEM licensing is adapted on a case-by-case basis, and varies according to a variety of factors including how much functionality is embedded in the new product or package by the OEM Partner, and how many units are expected/guaranteed. Pricing is similarly negotiable.

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