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CIWare Labs’ business is centered around creating software to help CIs achieve technical and business success. To do this, we partner with manufacturers and other software companies that subscribe to the philosophy and concrete technical architectures that are part and parcel of committing to an Open Systems product strategy.

But there are opportunities for us to partner with some CIs as well. By the end of 2019, a limited number of CI beta partnerships will be available, and we plan to have a beta program at that time.

What we are looking for in partner-level CIs includes the following:

Desire to work with Inprem Studio/Server to create control/automation solutions and techniques that involve software programming to create unique user experiences and UIs. There are many options for how to do this using Server's REST API that involve both DevTime and RunTime applications.

Inprem Studio is not intended as a total solution under one umbrella, or trying to duplicate what other control systems are already doing well. Relative to other control systems, our interest is in finding new hybrid integration opportunities that work in conjunction with, or alongside, other control systems. We are interested in CIs who would like to explore these areas with us.

Interest in and aptitude for creating high-function dashboards that incorporate data and analytics in a context of control.

If you are a CI and have a large project where there are gaps in delivering on the customer’s vision, that is something that might fit. If you are a CI that has been thinking about designing your own UIs for customers that need … more, that could be really interesting. And if you just want to dive right into trying LAIR out, that might work also.

The ideal beta CI partner is a company that wants help transitioning to a model that incorporates software as a much bigger component in their integration solutions, and in their business service mix. As we learn together the best ways to make this happen, we will ultimately be in a position to help others in the industry as well who want to “lean into” IoT integration with a software bent .

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