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Denver, CO and Bingen, WA, USA – September 12, 2019 – (CEDIA Expo Booth 3457) CIWare Labs is making its public debut today at CEDIA Expo in Denver, Colorado.  Exhibiting in booth 3457 in Innovation Alley, the team is showcasing its Inprem Studio software platform, scheduled for general release in Q1 of 2020.   Studio is a suite of software tools built on Inprem Server, a control/automation back-end designed for professional developers and integrators who want to create specialized IoT control and automation applications. 

In advance of general product availability to custom integrators early next year, CIWare Labs will be supporting OEM applications for manufacturers and Independent Software Vendors (ISVs).   “We are excited to provide a powerful backend control server to ambitious companies who want to create their own unique user and programmatic interfaces” says Stephen Rogers, founder and CEO of CIWare Labs.  “Our extensive REST API (referred to as “IREST”) makes the entire range of Inprem RunTime and DevTime functionality available to licensees, accelerating their time to market while at the same time giving them extensive flexibility and control.”  CIWare Labs is currently interested in speaking with both hardware and software manufacturers to explore opportunities to bring branded and white label product to market.  Stephen Rogers goes on to say “We aim to accelerate the adoption of Home Intranets – manufacturers are experienced with intranets in their own companies, and as such we look forward to working with them to introduce more end users to the power and practicality  of combining data, automation and control into a powerful single network inside the home.”

As an example of partnering with hardware manufacturers, the Inprem Studio/Server will fully support the Global Caché product lines of Flex, iTach and Global Connect network adapters and HDMI switchers at first release.  Protocols supported will be IR, REST, RS-232, and relay/contact closure.  “CIWare Labs shares Global Cache’s commitment to open systems and advancing the use of IP in control and automation” says Robin Ford, co-founder of IoT pioneer Global Caché.  “We are pleased that CIWare Labs recognized early on that the Global Caché product lines would be a powerful hardware platform with which to integrate.  The combination of Global Caché network adaptors and Inprem Studio/Server creates new opportunities for Intranet web application control and automation solutions.” Global Caché and CIWare Labs have recently announced their joint work on Inprem Server’s new LAIRtm feature, a specialized IR remote technology that enables any IR remote to be used as a control device to execute commands in a control/automation context according to programming done by a custom integrator or developer. Robin Ford says “The new LAIR feature CIWare Labs is offering on Global Cachè products is amazing and I know our integrators are going to absolutely love this new ability to control their system from any zone using a regular IR remote. The opportunity this ability opens up for dealers and installers is incredible!”

About CIWare Labs, Inc

Founded in 2019, CIWare Labs is dedicated to the mission of helping the custom integration channel adapt and thrive in the IoT (Internet of Things) era.    As a software-only company, we develop server and design tools specifically for custom control, automation and monitoring applications.   We believe that open systems software will play a fundamental role in shaping the future of the IoT.  For more information, visit us at

About Global Caché, Inc.

Global Caché, a pioneer in the IoT (Internet of Things) space, designs, engineers, and manufactures connectivity products that  directly and wirelessly IP-enable previously unconnected devices in homes and businesses so they can be accessed, controlled, and automated using network-based software on smartphones, tablets, controllers, and other computing devices. In addition to our Global Connect, iTach, Flex, and GC-100 Network Adapter product families, Global Caché, winner of many industry awards, including the CES Innovations 2013 Design and Engineering Honoree award and two prestigious CEPro Product of the Year awards, provides the industry’s first online IR database, Control Tower (winner of CEA’s Mark of Excellence award), as well as IR learners, blasters, sensors, receivers, and conversion cables. Global Caché sells through distributors, VARs, and OEMs, as well as their newly announced Dealer Direct program. For more information on our products and services or to place an order, visit online at or call us at 541-899-4800. Visit our free IR database in the cloud, Control Tower, at


Media Contact:
Mary Beth Rogers, Chief Operating Officer
CIWare Labs, Inc

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